Financial Engineering

We provide Capital to acquire and develop businesses. Yet we bring a Change in the way that Capital is provided. Financial engineering is only one skill we possess.

Strategic Vision

The professionals at CapitalChange have a strong strategic vision on the sectors and businesses in which they operate and invest.

Result Oriented

We enjoy “rolling-up our sleeves” to achieve practical, result oriented changes leading to significant improvements in performance.

Change Management

CapitalChange has real line-management and change-management experience - both during good times and bad.

Contact CapitalChange

Should you wish to discuss how CapitalChange’s resources and capabilities could be employed to assist your company, please contact us.

Investment philosophy

CapitalChange invests in small and medium sized companies with revenues from € 10 to € 50 million.

We are interested in working with organisations that at their core are fundamentally sound and competitive, even if they are facing a challenging period in their development. At CapitalChange we understand how businesses work and we can assess the level of risk we are taking. We are therefore prepared to invest in many situations which are less interesting to more traditional investors.

Years of experience
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Industry focus

At CapitalChange we believe industry experience to be a distinct advantage, but not a necessity.

The team of CapitalChange and their Active Advisors have line management and advisory experience covering a wide range of industries including software, technology, telecommunications, luxury goods, brewing, travel and tourism, and food production, to name a few. The breadth of industry experience available at short notice extends further as a result of our wider network of interim managers and other contacts. Despite these industry credentials our focus is on seeking investments in businesses that fit within certain themes or trends. These themes, outlined below, reflect combinations of what we believe are fundamental drivers of the economy, as well as our professional interests:

– Aging population
– Entertainment, travel & leisure
– Efficiency improvements
– Environment
– Health & healthcare
– Safety & security

“We could not have done this without them.”

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