CapitalChange have an outstanding track record in building fruitful and long-term relationships with directors/majority shareholders (DGA’s) and management teams of the companies we advise and/ or invest in.

We are proud of the fact that we maintain these valuable relationships even long after our involvement has ended. People come to us for advice at all stages of their business. Raising capital, creating an acquisition plan, selling a company and more. Whatever your challenge might be, our M&A and financial advisory capabilities always come with a passion for the work. That’s how we help you achieve the extraordinary.

Strategic & Commercial advisory

CapitalChange are the initiator and sparring partner in strategic and commercial sessions, exacting outlook, buy and build, and/or restructuring expertise. CapitalChange’s advice will be concrete and executable, focused on helping our clients acting decisively and achieving their strategic objectives. CapitalChange aims to be there for our client during both the analysis phase as well as the execution of the chosen strategy.

Human Capital Management

CapitalChange provides support, tailored advise, and solutions in complex turnarounds, restructuring, and growth situations. We have extensive experience and know-how across geographies and industries, from Software Technology, and food production, and telecom & media, to energy and transportation. CapitalChange help clients to compose and coach teams, and really shape leadership to realize goals together. Often, we accept board seats to establish similar objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling your life’s work is a hard-earned success. CapitalChange adds value by providing advice on and support in a wide variety of transactions, including acquisitions and mergers, leveraged buyouts, management buy-ins, joint ventures, spins-offs and divestitures. CapitalChange stand by your side, sleeves rolled up, and capitalize on the legacy you’ve built, and let us apply our deep expertise to deliver the true value of your business.

Finance Advisory

CapitalChange commitment and integrity toward every deal give you an unbiased opinion to rely on in a variety of financial matters. Supported by CapitalChange industry expertise, risk management, and dedication in financial engineering, you can turn strategy into action. Our independence allows us to find the best match between our client’s ambitions and its financiers and negotiate for terms to fuel your growth.


CapitalChange has, based on our own capital, taken significant stakes in in companies we worked with over the years. We have developed into a successful hands-on advisor and private equity boutique for SMEs and we are now operating as an independent fund. Our capital is provided by a select group of reputable like-minded investors with a long-standing entrepreneurial background, and by ourselves. Our focus is on companies with revenue between EUR 5million and EUR 50million, and we invest equity tickets up to EUR 15million for substantial majority positions.

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