Companies we own(-ed)

The Capital Change team members have provided entrepreneurial- and business value in different fields. Working for entrepreneurs our most fundamental track record is our experience with the companies we build.

4 Insurance was acquired by Van der Plas & Marseille in 2018. As 1st company AWI Software was acquired, a company that made front-office software for Authorized Agents and Service Providers, the domain where Van der Plas had a strong position with Market Scan.
In 2018-2021, 3 companies added, all working under the banner of 4 Insurance and fully focused on products and services around the Authorized Agent distribution channel.

AWI Software is one of the leading providers of software for insurance intermediaries. AWI provides an integrated suite of solutions which enable. The partners of Capital Change acquired a controlling interest in AWI in 2018. At the moment of acquisition, the company was struggling both commercially and financially. After a short but intense turn-around process the company now holds a leading position in its field.

Digame was and is the leading German provider of interactive solutions for the TV German TV industry. The company has a long-standing track record in supporting interactivity in TV formats such as Big Brother or the Eurovision Song festival. The company was profitable since its inception in 2000. Albert was co-founder and minority shareholder of Digame. Albert divested his interest in 2003.
Edison International provides loyalty management concepts to retailers. Albert held a minority stake in Edison from 2006 to 2014. The company was subsequently sold to Brand Loyalty.

Software- and data management for the Insurance Branch, from Damage Insurances to Health Insurances with a special focus on distribution according to the model of authorized agents. Market Scan developed itself as the service provider in this industry and helped to get structure and data in order. Currently, the reports have become market standards that DNB and AFM frequently use. In addition to providing transparency in terms of premiums, damages and results, Market Scan has also become a provider of knowledge systems.  Acquired by Solera in 2010. Robert van der Plas was co-founder/CEO/shareholder and later CEO for Solera Netherlands.

Matrix was one of the first CRM companies worldwide.  Started in the Netherlands it finally grow to  the European market leader for Customer Relationship software (OVUM-1998). The company was acquired by Baan Company NV in 1998 with 500 customers, 150 FTE’s and operations in Belgium, Germany, Nordic, UK the Netherlands and Swiss. Hans Scholten was co-founder, shareholder and CEO and is still recognized as one of the founding fathers of  the CRM market which is today  world’s largest software market.

Matrix Software was founded by Hans Scholten and Ton van Rijswijk. Matrix Software became a very  successful software company with a strong focus on technical software for civil engineers, the construction industry and the door- & window industry. Due to this focused strategy the company is still market leader in their markets today. Hans was co-founder, shareholder and responsible for marketing- & sales till the buy-out in 1996.

Maxe was one of the first mass-calling and value-added response operators in the Netherlands. The company provided games and voting capabilities for use within printed media, tv-shows and advertising campaigns. The company pioneered the use of voice response systems for entertainment purposes. The company was sold to Sound of Data in 2001. Albert was founder, minority shareholder and managing director of MaXe.
Merison is the leading international supplier to large volume retail chains of high-quality branded food related non-food products. The company was acquired by the partners of CapitalChange in 2004 and grew from less than € 30 million to over € 70 million in several years. Albert held a significant minority and divested his interest in 2014. The company was subsequently sold to Brand Loyalty.
RaketNet was one of the first free Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands. The company provided free internet access while at the same time giving users free shares in the company based on their amount of usage. The company was sold to British Telecom in 2001. Albert was founder, minority shareholder and managing director of RaketNet.

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