Special opportunity for regional entrepreneurs with growth ambitions: in conversation with CapitalChange's sparring partners and investors

Regional entrepreneurs with growth ambitions or the realization of an exit strategy, and looking for advice and support in doing so, can meet the sparring partners and investors of CapitalChange on September 22, 23, and 24. A group of specialists in the field of growth, value creation, mergers and acquisitions, who also have the opportunity to invest. A unique opportunity.

CapitalChange consists of experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs with a long track record (read more about the partners’ experience at the bottom of this post). They support directors, major shareholders and management teams in everything related to growth and value creation, in all phases of their business. This may involve, for example, raising capital, making an acquisition plan or selling a company.

Sparring partners

The Economic Board entered into this collaboration because CapitalChange comes from the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen region. The partners therefore have strong ties with the region and always keep the interests of the region in mind when providing support. In this way they are able to make good connections within the regional business community.

In addition, the partners of CapitalChange are not consultants, but real sparring partners. They work hands-on and help companies to grow and prosper. They pull up together with an entrepreneur, without sitting in his or her chair, and support them in everything that is important. Also interesting is that the partners have the opportunity to invest in companies themselves.

No-obligation interviews

The conversations scheduled in September are without obligation and are intended as an introduction. Entrepreneurs who want to make use of this opportunity can contact Richard Dobbelmann: “We only schedule talks if we expect a good fit. CapitalChange is looking for companies with a strong focus on growth and value creation or companies that are in the process of a sale or other type of exit.”

CapitalChange and AWI Software

Manon Borsboom has been co-CEO of AWI Software together with Paul Hijmans since a year and a half. AWI primarily makes software for proxy companies and service providers, but also for insurers and end customers. Borsboom and Hijmans are also shareholders in the umbrella holding company 4 Insurance.

Borsboom has known Robert van der Plas of CapitalChange for more than 15 years. Van der Plas, together with CapitalChange colleague Albert Marseille, has owned sixty percent of AWI Software and later of 4 Insurance since 2017. When repositioning the company, he asked Borsboom to become a co-director. Several acquisitions and mergers also took place: Differ Solutions in 2019, EURO-motive last year and currently FinConnect. Partly as a result, AWI now has a broader offering and taps into new target groups, including insurers.

CapitalChange and Abiom

Frank Wessels has been the CEO of Abiom for two years. In recent years his company has developed into a major player in the field of communication and networks, especially in the field of mission and business critical communication solutions. This includes the field of public order and safety.

Wessels maintains close contact with Hans Scholten of CapitalChange. The two speak to each other approximately every week. Scholten helps Abiom to remain market leader in their sector, but also to discover new areas. Spotting opportunities is important in this process, according to him. With Scholten’s support, Abiom can take the first steps in communication in waterways or coverage in tunnels, so that they can also establish their name there.

CapitalChange and HyGear

Marinus van Driel is CEO of HyGear and currently President Xebec Europe. HyGear is a pioneer in the field of hydrogen. According to the company, this form of energy is the fuel of the future. In recent years, the company has focused on making the hydrogen chain more efficient.

HyGear grew so fast that other companies wanted to take it over. The knowledge and skills of CapitalChange came in handy. After a first attempt by an American company failed due to financing problems, HyGear was enthusiastic to continue the cooperation with Marseille. In the acquisition process of the Canadian Xebec Adsorption he helped HyGear through all the different stages. Van Driel was very pleased that Marseille used its expertise to keep the whole process on track.

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