Regional entrepreneurs meet CapitalChange partners

In the first week of April the partners of CapitalChange met again with a number of entrepreneurs from the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen region. It were inspiring conversations, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. The Economic Board organized the meetings.

For three days several entrepreneurs from the region attended the meetings with CapitalChange. The partners of this organization are specialists in the field of growth, value creation, mergers and acquisitions. They were happy to come into contact with regional entrepreneurs with growth ambitions or other entrepreneurial issues.

Earlier, Albert Marseille, one of the partners of CapitalChange, let us know: “We expect to get long-term relationships with entrepreneurs out of these kinds of conversations. Then we can either collaborate as advisors or as investors. Or both.

Positive energy

It was the second time that The Economic Board organized this kind of meeting with CapitalChange. The previous time was in September 2021. Then, too, there was plenty of positive energy during the discussions. Both the partners and the entrepreneurs came back from the discussions with satisfied faces.

CapitalChange has previously held several other companies in this region. For example, the partners helped HyGear, Abiom and AWI Software, among others. Interviews with these organizations can be found on this website. Here you can read how they experience the contact with CapitalChange and what the mutual interaction looks like.

Regional entrepreneurs

Given the strong ties with the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen region, The Economic Board has entered into a partnership with CapitalChange. The partners always take the interests of the region into account in their advice, which enables them to make great connections within the regional business community.

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to know if this type of discussion would also be something for your company? Then please contact Richard Dobbelmann of The Economic Board. He will be happy to tell you more about the added value of this type of meeting for your company.

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