Plenty of positive energy at talks between CapitalChange and regional entrepreneurs

Recently the partners of CapitalChange met with entrepreneurs from the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen region. It were very inspiring meetings. For three days they met at various locations in Nijmegen. The Economic Board acted as organizer of these meetings.

The sparring partners and investors of CapitalChange are specialists in the field of growth, value creation, mergers and acquisitions. They wanted to get in touch with regional entrepreneurs with growth ambitions or other entrepreneurial issues. The Economic Board used its network to bring these entrepreneurs together. Then, at the end of September, they all came together at Splendorflex and in the Erasmus building in Nijmegen.

Positive energy

Ultimately, twelve entrepreneurs responded to the invitations. The CapitalChange partners are delighted to be able to help them take follow-up steps. “It was very inspiring,” says CapitalChange partner Hans Scholten. “There was a very positive energy. We saw great ideas, which we would like to add to.”

Partner Albert Marseille is also more than satisfied with the talks. “We expect to get long-term relationships with entrepreneurs from these kinds of talks. Then we can either cooperate as advisors, or as investors, or both.”

Tips and contacts

The entrepreneurs also come back from the talks with delighted faces. “We got some great insights, which we can definitely use,” indicates Koen Bekking. He advises the company Be-Rex from Ede. “In addition, we also have new contacts.” Pim Bekking, CEO of the same company, adds, “We are extremely positive. A lot of tips have come through.”

Henk-Jan Joosten, CEO at Bio-Prodict from Nijmegen, is glad he came away from the talks. He too took away valuable tips from CapitalChange. “Take me as an example. I’m not an entrepreneur, but a scientist,” he explains. “In that case, sometimes you miss certain information.”

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