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Established and funded by successful entrepreneurs, we seek to take private equity capital back to its roots and away from the purely financial orientation that has dominated the industry in recent years.

CapitalChange provides capital to acquire and grow businesses. Our approach contrasts with the investment approach adopted currently by many in the industry. CapitalChange invests in smaller companies, with revenues ranging from € 10 million to € 50 million.

We are equally interested in healthy companies as well as those facing challenging times in their development.

We are comfortable getting actively involved with management to restructure and grow companies, even if this includes extending sales or production into other markets. And we are comfortable holding onto our investments for the long term. 

We believe CapitalChange offers what many – whether entrepreneur, management, corporate or intermediary – are looking for in the private capital industry. If the profile of CapitalChange strikes a chord, please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

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Our numbers don't lie

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing businesses capital to acquire and grow.

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Meet Our Team

Private equity firms are small, people based, businesses. Their success is derived from the ability of the partners, boardmembers and advisors to source deals, develop a relationship with ownership and management, engineer an attractive deal structure for all, and then provide post transaction management support to create the necessary changes. CapitalChange brings the skills and capabilities of the following team to potential investments:

Albert Marseille

Albert Marseille


Albert is a former board member of Twister Research International (TRI), a management owned interactive TV production company. TRI, originally a KPN-Philips joint venture, was acquired through a Management Buy-Out in 1998. The company was rapidly brought to profitability and was grown from € 2 million in 1998 to over € 100 million revenues in 2003. Prior to joining TRI Albert was Managing Director of BT Netherlands Value Added Services Group. He also has an extensive background in management consulting with Monitor Company, where he specialized in cost reduction and efficiency improvements.

Frank Braakman

Frank Braakman


Frank is the former owner of Imarco Co-maker in Foods, a company that in its market approach was one of the leading food factories in Northern Europe in the production of semi-finished goods for large scale food industries. As MD, Frank acquired the company through a single handed Management Buy-Out in 1994 from Royal Ahold. The company was divested in 1999. Prior to Imarco, Frank worked for 7 years at Royal Ahold where he moved through positions of increasing responsibility in a broad range of businesses stretching from production-IT to marketing to management consulting.

What Clients Say...

CapitalChange helped us alot with growing our business. 


CEO, Invision Inc.

We are very satisfied with the services CapitalChange helped us with.


CEO, Blue Planet

We booked serious amazing results thanks to the team of CapitalChange.


Lead Developer, Automattic Inc